Workshop Testimonials

Very good and educational... I learned a lot of things that I didn't know and you can never learn too much. A massive thank you for your time and effort and I think everyone enjoyed it.

- Andy, Exploring Spirit & Me workshop.

Fascinating, thought provoking and generally amazing!!!  So pleaseed I came; has made me keen to develop my spiritual understanding and awareness. Thank you both.
- Sharon, Exploring Spirit & Me workshop

Today's workshop was informative and comforting.  I have had some amazing experiences and enjoyed every minute!


 - Rachel, Exploring Spirit & Me workshop

Very interesting information, learnt alot!

- Tom, Exploring Spirit & Me workshop

Glad I decided to come.  Learnt more today than I could imagine.  Thank you for a wonderful day!


- Jo, Exploring Spirit & Me workshop

 'I really enjoyed it and I would love to come to another workshop.'


'Very fun and informative.  Great!  Thank you!'


'Loved it!  Thanks!'


'Very good, lots of information I didn't know, but if I did it's been explained a lot better.  Very friendly.'


'I have been given lots of awareness to things I had wondered about for years.  Thank you both so much.'


'I can't think how to improve - except maybe another interactive exercise - bums off seats!  A WONDERFUL DAY - thank you.'


'This session has provided much 'food for thought' by raising awareness and encouraging self-education and progress.  Many thanks.'


'Very interested in further exploring meditation, Reiki training etc.'


'It was very interesting and informative.  It was presented in a very enjoyable and easy to understand manner.'


- Anonymous comments off evaluation forms, Exploring Spirit & Me

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