Reiki II / Second Degree

If you have already started your Reiki training elsewhere, don't worry!  We would be happy to continue your training as long as it was the Usui Reiki System.  As we all teach different you may inevitably find differences in the course.


This degree takes you deeper into the wonderful world of Reiki and enables you to expand your knowledge to become a stronger and more powerful healer.  Level II Reiki gives you a practitioner qualification.


You will need to have completed Reiki I prior to completing this course.

What are the benefits?

* Your healing power increases 10 fold
* You can heal people who are at distant locations
* Your Reiki will work around the world
* Your Reiki will not be limited by distance, time or space
* You can heal more than one person at a time
* Your intuition and creativity develop
* Your Reiki experience deepens
* Your Reiki Activates faster than before
* You get access to become emotionally free

What is involved?

A brief overview of the course:


  • Chakras, auras and the energy system

  • Sensitising your hands

  • Intention and intuition

  • Meditating on a symbol

  • Mental emotional healing

  • Distant healing

  • Reiki II symbols; how to draw them, say their names and use them in a treatment

  • Reiki attunement

  • Client treatment record

  • Receive your Reiki II manual and case study coursework

  • Your certificate will be issued on receipt of 3 completed case studies 

What does it cost?

Course Duration: 9:30 am - 4:30 pm

Cost: £185

The price includes refreshments, manual, case study marking and certificate.

We request a 50% deposit upon booking, with the remaining balance due 7 days prior to the course. 

Course Dates

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