Our courses have been designed to give you the best possible foundation and knowledge in Reiki to help you become an effective and passionate healer.  Our groups are small to ensure you get the best training possible so you may go on to practice safely and effectively.

You will be taught by experienced and naturally gifted Reiki Masters with several years of experience.

There is no belief system attached to Reiki so anyone can receive an attunement.

In this degree you are linked to Reiki energy through a series of attunements which will enable you to channel Reiki energy straight away, giving you the gift of Reiki.  Once attuned people often experience feelings of peace, balance and enhanced energy.



Reiki I / First Degree

What is involved?

What does it cost?

A brief overview of the course:

  • A history of Reiki and how we can trace our lineage back to Reiki's founder

  • The Reiki Principles

  • A basic treatment and hand positions

  • Learning about the major chakras and aura of your energy system

  • Meditations

  • Basic anatomy of the body

  • Self healing and hand positions

  • How to connect and channel energy whilst being protected and grounded

  • Animal healing

  • Professional conduct

  • Reiki attunement

  • Receive your Reiki I comprehensive manual and certificate

Course Duration: 9:30 am - 4:30 pm (approximately)

Cost: £130

The price includes your manual, certificate and refreshments.


We request a 50% deposit upon booking, with the remaining balance due 7 days prior to the course. 

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