Reiki Healing                        

Reiki is a natural healing system that uses variable frequency energy to heal. The energy can work on any level: physical, emotional and spiritual. 


What we term today as Reiki was traditionally known as "The Usui System of Natural Healing" or Usui-do (The way of Usui), discovered by Mikao Usui in the 1900s but today is used to encompass a whole range of energy healing systems. Reiki is a Japanese term actually consisting of two words with varying interpretations:


Rei - Universal energy, outside all living things.

Ki - Life force energy, inside all living things.


Reiki works to heal the energy blockages that we acquire throughout life after an emotional trauma or physical illness.  It restores the body back to health, along with healing emotional traumas and basically balancing the mind, body and soul. 


It is non-intrusive hands on healing and is both effective and pleasant.

Reiki healing can be used to treat all ailments, however difficult and severe some may seem.  The result may not always be what is expected, but is always what is needed.


Reiki is great for:


*Relaxation and stress relief
*Inner peace and relaxation
*Balancing the mind and emotions
*Helping in the grieving process when we've lost someone
*Pain relieving - migraine arthritis, sciatica to name but a few
*Speeding up recovery from surgery or long term illness
*Overall wellness and good health, balance and harmony

'A very powerful reiki experience in a relaxing and professional atmosphere.'

What are the benefits?

*Deeply relaxing and calming
*Improves overall well- being
*Stress reduction
*Mental clarity and peace of mind
*Accelerates the body’s self-healing
*Aids better sleep
*Reduces blood pressure
*Helps relieve pain
*Supports the immune system
*Increases balance, inner peace and harmony
*Speeds up recovery from surgery or long term illness
*Raises the vibrational frequency of the body
*Helps spiritual growth and emotional healing
*Works on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual
*Relieves anxiety
*Increases energy levels
*Promotes creativity
*Helps in the grieving process when we’ve lost someone


Reiki appointments are approximately 1 hour sessions with treatments generally lasting 40-45 minutes.  An initial consultation and relaxation period after treatment is also required.  It is carried out in our healing room at Tranquiltie which is deeply relaxing and tranquil.


We understand that not everbody is able to travel to Tranquilitie as they are perhaps too poorly or have mobility problems. Home visits can be arranged, as can visits to hospitals, hospices and nursing homes. An additional charge is made for this service. Please contact us to discuss your needs. 




Reiki Tasters - £19


These appointments are approximately 30 minute sessions with treatments lasting up to 20 minutes.  Designed for those of you who want to give Reiki a try; people who need to fit a treatment into their busy schedule; or for our existing clients who have benefited from full treatments and just need a bit of a boost.



*Please be aware that appointments cancelled with less than 24 hours notice will still be charged at the full rate.

What does it cost?

Full Treatment - £35 (One Healer)

Full Treatment - £50 (Steven & Deborah working together.) 


Whilst a Reiki session with either Deborah or Steven is very beneficial, we prefer to work together.  Our energies are different and complement one another perfectly.  The power of us working together is very strong and we have had some amazing results. Please take a look at our Testimonials and read the messages our clients have sent us. 


Book and pay for in advance:


Package 1 - 3 Reiki Sessions, one healer - £100 


Package 2 - 6 Reiki Sessions, one healer - £195 


Package 3 - 3 Reiki Sessions, both healers - £130


Package 4 - 6 Reiki Sessions, both healers - £250 


Would you like to give Reiki a try?

FREE Taster available 

To book call         07877 808582

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Reiki Healing