Past Life Regression Therapy

Does a past life influence our present, everyday lives? Do you sometimes

wonder where a certain habit, fear or other unusual behaviour comes from? Is there someone you feel drawn to? Why do we think we’ve been somewhere before? Perhaps we have!


Past Life regression Therapy, also known as Past Life Therapy can be used as a therapeutic method of improving your ‘quality of life’ in this lifetime by interpreting, understanding and healing issues you have encountered in other lifetimes.


It is used in the particular circumstances where treatment of recurrent problems such as a phobias, habits, or psychosomatic problems generally are required. Such problems may be the result of repressed memory of a traumatic event in previous life.


A client in analysis would normally expect to attend between 2 to 4 sessions in order for the problem to be resolved.

What it is about?

What are the benefits?

This is a technique used to take a person back through time using hypnosis, so far back in time that the memories of previous lifetimes are rediscovered and explored. Past life regression is an exciting journey into your own past lives, unlocking doors in your mind that open other worlds. Other lives that were yours in another time. This relaxing, gentle hypnosis will allow you to expand your mind and journey to other lives you have lived. 

With modern technology many historic and interesting facts from a regression can be confirmed, dates, names and places traced.


Who you are now is strongly influenced by who you were before, your very character. Sometimes we bring the effects of a traumatic experience into this life from a previous one, resulting in irrational fears, phobias or behaviours. Under regression these issues can be dealt with giving you a greater understanding so that they can no longer affect this life you are in now.

Many people come for a session just out of curiosity, to find who they were, who they were with and what their life was like. It’s quite usual for people to have normal day to day lives in the past, but those past lives usually have some meaning in their current life.


Past Life Regression Therapy can help people move on in this life by understanding what happened in their past lives. For instance, someone who has problems with a certain relationship in this life may have had the same issues with the same person in a past life, likewise the energy of an illness from a previous life can be brought into a current life.


The nature of the therapy is for the client to reveal for themselves and understand why they have certain problems or issues in this life. This understanding empowers them to make choices or changes in their current life enabling them to alter the course of this life.

What does it feel like?

You are gently led into a beautifully calm state of mind using visualisation and relaxation techniques similar to that of meditation.


You won’t fall asleep and always remain in control and fully aware of what is happening to you.


It is a perfectly safe and natural state of mind similar to daydreaming.


You will be able to experience your past lives in your minds eye as if you were actually there.

What does it cost?

There is no charge for a preliminary 30 minute consultation prior to agreeing a treatment programme. 


There is no extra charge for sessions held on a Saturday.


The charge for a Past Life Therapy session is £55.00. 


A session usually takes between 45 and 90 minutes. Many people only wish to experience a single session, although each individual and their situation is unique and a client may find they benefit from more than one session in order to explore several different aspects of past life behaviours, which may have taken place at different points on their personal time-line.


Book and pay for in advance:

2 sessions - £100

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