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'I have I been using Deb's 'AGTM' for the last 3 months. I am calmer, contented and less anxious with greater self-esteem .'

 I have been using Deb’s ‘A Guide to Meditation’ for the last three months and have the meditations on my iPod so that I can take them wherever I want.

The transcripts are informative, easy to read, quirky, bright and amusing. The meditations vary in length from three to twenty minutes covering different aspects of meditation.  Deb’s lovely voice is calm and warm, accompanied by wonderful background sound, it is very easy to relax.

I can now meditate and visualize easily where once my mind would flit from one thing to another. I am calmer, contented and less anxious with greater self-esteem. I thoroughly recommend this to anyone especially those with stress related problems or anyone who wants to develop spiritually.  It cannot fail to improve the quality of everyday life. 


-Margaret, Birmingham

 I have used and used Debbie’s ‘Guide to Meditation’.  In amongst this wonderful collection of no fewer than 20 different meditations, there is something to fit most moods and needs; from a simple finger labyrinth meditation, to wonderful guided walks. With Debbie’s lovely soporific voice, and the content of the meditations, I find myself drifting off and relaxing easily.  I am sure most of us have, from time to time, very stressful events in our lives, and I find that listening to one of these meditations before bedtime really does help to smooth out the wrinkles of life.


Even during the day time I will use an affirmation if troubles come my way for whatever reason, but even when things are going well in my life I still use a positive affirmation as an extra ‘boost’.


I truly could not believe how much there is, it is so comprehensive, and beautifully presented, particularly since you do not simply get recorded meditations there is a wealth of written information too, which encourages you to want to delve deeper and deeper, to read and re-read.  With the objective being to try and have more contentment in our lives.

I feel so fortunate to have this package at my fingertips  


- Janina, Brownhills

'I truly could not believe how much there is, it's so comprehensive and beautifully presented... I feel so fortunate to have this package at my fingertips.'

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