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I recently purchased a bottle of restful sleep mist. After having my baby I was finding it very difficult to get to sleep and getting back to sleep after being up in the night to feed him. I was very happy with the mist as within a couple of nights of using it I found I was going off to sleep quicker and settling back better during the night. It smells amazing and is very relaxing. I would recommend trying this product if you are having sleep troubles. Thank you very much for helping me.


  - Sabrina, Weymouth

'I was very happy with the mist... going off to sleep quicker... It smells amazing and is very relaxing.'

I just want to thank you for your wonderful product Chakra Mist (Solar Plexus).  When I use it I do feel a sort of empowerment and balance. :))


  - Jana, Uxbridge, Middlesex

 I've never been a great sleeper.  I would blame my boundless energy and restless mind for that.  So trying Tranquilitie's 'Restful Sleep Mist' was a must for me.  Almost as soon as I had sprayed it, as it gently fell over my skin, I felt the  soothing and relaxing properties of  Lavender and orange oil, as well as an overall sense of calm that Sandalwood brings to the picture.  And the smell is divine!  I slept amazingly and owe that to the high quality of  Deb's Aura Mist.


  - Tadhg, Burntwood

'I slept amazingly and owe that to the high quality of Deb's mist.'

 Having tried Reiki and been extremely impressed with the results I decided to try some of Deb's Mists.  I had the Indigo-Brow Chakra Mist and the Restful Sleep Mist.  I've been so happy with both these sprays!  They both smell absolutely wonderful and the Restful Sleep Mist really did help get a good night’s rest where I didn’t wake up once until my alarm in the morning.  The Indigo Mist is amazing!  I just can’t stop spraying it; it smells gorgeous and I feel it’s really helped me feel calmer and more relaxed.   I'd recommend for anybody to give the mists a go.  I'll certainly be getting more.


  - Kay, Burntwood 

'I have been so happy with these sprays... helped me feel calm and relaxed.'

 I purchased a Chakra Mist (violet - Crown) to use at home to compliment the treatments that I have had with Tranquilitie. The smell is so exquisite, makes you feel so tranquil and calm. I don't know how I ever got on without it.


  - Jeanette, Burntwood

'The smell is so exquisite, makes you feel so tranquil and calm.'

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