Meditation is a simple process with many powerful benefits.  It is a state that you can carry forward into everyday life and brings with it the benefits of inner peace, emotional stability and intellectual sharpness.  It is a natural state that you have probably already experienced without knowing it.


Have you ever read a book or novel and been so totally immersed that you forgot you were reading?  This is a little like meditation.  It is a feeling of being absorbed, attentive and sharply conscious.  The same may have happened when listening to music.  The music takes you away ‘somewhere else’ and for a while you are in a meditative state.  It can also happen when you are in a relaxed state whilst doing something creative or enjoying looking at a beautiful scene.  It comes when you are peacefully engrossed in what you are doing. You know the state already.


Would you like to join a group of like minded people who need to relax and connect with their inner spirit?    


If you would like to learn how to reach your inner self and let the cares of the world lift from your shoulders please contact us now.

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The benefits of meditation include:


  • Increased creativity

  • Inner peace and tranquillity

  • Intellectual sharpness

  • Heightened spirituality

  • Increased confidence and self esteem

  • Reduction in stress and anxiety

  • Lower blood pressure

  • Increased emotional balance


A 6 session structured course covering all the basics of meditation, breathing control, interesting facts, guided meditations and discussions, with helpful handouts.   


The cost for the course, payable in advance is £45.00.



If you are interested in attending a meditation course, please get in touch. If you have a friendship group that would like to work together a course can be arranged to suit.  Just ask! 

Meditiation Course

One to One Service

We are also pleased to offer an individual one to one Meditation Service. 
This can be a one off session or a course can be delivered, where you will be guided to meditate and specific meditations tailor made to your needs will be provided.

What does it cost?


An individual Session - £25.00 (Approx 45 minutes)

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