House Blessing 

Create a peaceful, balanced, harmonious and positive vibration throughout your home or work place with a spiritual blessing and clearing. 


Everything in the Universe is made up of energy, constantly changing, flowing and affecting us. The energy that surrounds us, whether it be at home, work or when we are socialising can have a profound affect on us. 


Energetically everything that happens in a building is imprinted in it. Negative 'vibes' from arguments, traumas, upsets, sadness, worry, ill health, grief all leave their imprint behind. 


Your home is your haven and should be a wonderful, uplifting space to support you and your family energetically. 


Any space can be cleansed and blessed, so businesses are welcome to use this service too.  Clean, clear and positive energy will attract more customers and make them more likely to return.  Employees will feel the benefits, keeping stress to a minimum and energies positive, promoting balance and a happy, productive workforce.  




What's involved?

When should you bless your space?

To begin the process it's good to de-clutter, tidy, reorganise and clear your space. Cleaning away clutter, dusting and mopping will give a good strong foundation for a spiritual energetic blessing and clearing. 


Next the energy of the space may be cleansed through burning traditional herbs and resins such as sage, frankincense or sandalwood known for eliminating lower heavy vibrations. 


A candle will be lit to bring in love and light.


We will wake up the energy using sound (Tibetan singing bowls, tingsha chimes and a spirit drum) to clear and raise the vibration within your space and follow this by spritzing with Deborah's specially made room cleansing mist.  The bottle will be left with you so you can refresh your space when you need to. 


Finally a few minutes of spiritual visualisation to strengthen and protect your building and seal in the positive new energy will complete the blessing. 


You will be left with a space that is conducive to peaceful, compassionate, joyful and balanced living. 

  • When you move into a new home

  • When opening new business premises

  • When the energy in your space feels sluggish and heavy

  • After an illness or during a chronic long term illness

  • After a divorce or the ending of a relationship

  • After a passing (death)

  • Before you embark on selling or renting your home

  • When you wish to welcome new opportunities into your life

  • If you feel you are going through a period of 'bad luck'

  • Following a burglary, building work or general upheaval



What does it cost?


One visit house blessing - £35.00 (Up to 60 minutes)


Including a bottle of Room Cleansing Mist


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