We are pleased to offer our workshops to everyone - organisations, Churches, friendship groups and businesses.  Each workshop will vary slightly, depending on requirements and will be tailor made to suit each group.


If you have a specific workshop theme in mind that you would like us to deliver, please contact us to discuss it. 

Exploring Spirit & Me

Our workshops are designed to be informative, participative and enjoyable. 

'Glad I decided to come.  Learnt more today than I could imagine.  Thank you for a wonderful day.'

What does it Include?

We aim to introduce you to your spiritual self and answer any questions you may have about spirit.


This workshop is suitable for beginners and those who are already spiritually aware. It's always good to refresh your knowledge and reignite your spiritual spark. 


Subjects covered include:


  • Meditation - What is meditation? Breathing meditation, guided meditation, benefits of meditation, brain waves and types of meditation.

  • Chakras and Auras - Full details of our 7 major Chakras and our Aura, Aura sensing, Aura reading.

  • Healing and mindfulness - What healing means to us, how we can all heal, history of Reiki, guided thought healing session. Positive quotes, living in the now, breathing techniques, awareness of the current moment.

  • Past life awareness - Learning awareness of past lives and how they may effect our present life.

  • How do spirit communicate with us? - Exploring the many ways spirit communicate with us, often when we aren't aware of it.

  • Spiritual questions and answers - Ask about anything 'Spirit' and we will hopefully have the answers for you!

What does it Cost?

Course Duration: 10 am - 4pm

Cost: Available on request; depending on numbers, venue and other factors.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements. 


Course Dates

Please contact us to discuss dates.  We are happy to arrange a mutually convenient time. 

'This session has provided much 'food for thought' by raising awareness and encouraging self-education and progress.  Many thanks.'

Includes Bonus Document -


Chakras & Auras - A comprehensive, colourful and hand illustrated booklet with 22 pages (over 2000 words) detailing everything you need to know about our main energy centres and energy field.

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