Crystals have been used for healing since ancient times by many different cultures and in the last twenty odd years, there has been a great revival of this art. Crystals are highly powerful and effective tools for healing as they contain a number of special properties and interact with us in many different ways. One of these properties is the unique vibration of each crystal. This is a result of its colour frequency, chemical composition, inner atomic structure and outer form. Not only does this property make a crystal indispensable in altering electromagnetic waves for medical machinery and quartz watches, but it can also modify ‘healing energy’. Another property of crystals is the distinct orderly structure which enables them to absorb, reflect, transform, transmute, balance, direct, amplify, clear, focus etc. energies. Essentially, a crystal can adapt healing energy in any way imaginable. Since crystals and minerals make up most of the earth’s crust and also reside within the human body, it can be said that, in a sense, we are all part of and living on a crystal.


Many crystals are said to be helpful with certain conditions or symptoms and to have so called traditional meanings. Lists of these, often found in books serve as an initial, general guideline. Although different people can suffer from identical symptoms, the cause of these symptoms may vary considerably from person to person. The resulting disturbance in the body’s energy field may therefore be of another nature. Equally, each person is unique and will need the appropriate crystals for their specific needs. It's not possible to generalise concerning using crystals for healing.



Crystal Healing

Why use crystals?

There are thousands of different minerals and crystals. Most healers use relatively few in a healing session. The energies of specific crystals may be calming, energising, purifying, grounding or uplifting. They may have a protective, soft, direct, light, profound or other energetic quality. A crystal healer will first of all assess the exact nature of any blockages in a client’s auric field and then choose crystals with the appropriate energy frequency to help restore harmony and balance.


There are seven major chakras located from the crown of the head, along the spine to the base of the spine. The energy that the chakras take in is distributed around the body so it's incredibly important to keep the chakras healthy and balanced - a healthy chakra leads to healthy mind and body.


 An imbalance in one or more of chakras will lead to a lack of energy in one or more areas of your life leading to you feeling out of balance.


Chakras can also become very damaged by our lifestyle and unable to repair themselves.  This can lead to physical problems arising in the body and also to emotional pain.


Chakra Balancing with crystals can not only repair this deep damage but also bring your body back into alignment allowing you to feel in balance again in all areas of your life.

How does crystal healing help?

Healing can promote ‘wellness’, help prevent physical illness and support the recovery of existing symptoms. It can also be very helpful in crisis situations and with ‘terminal’ illness. Healing often involves some form of change in a client’s overall way of being.


It may be through the release of redundant patterns, a relief of stress and tensions or a deeper insight into the cause of a specific problem or symptom. It may also be through revitalisation, relaxation or establishing a greater amount of peace and harmony.

What to expect?

You will be asked to remove your jewellery and to either sit on a chair or lie on a  couch during the treatment, fully clothed (minus shoes!). Deborah will help you to relax and, for crystal healing, will then place some crystals on or around your body.


You may experience a slight tingling, feelings or emotions you weren't expecting or nothing at all. Changes can happen on subtle levels, sometimes slowly over a period of time. Existing issues may slightly intensify before being released. This occurs usually within three days of a treatment, but may begin immediately. The crystal healing session will not last for more than an hour and as with all appointments at Tranquilitie, your session will be confidential.  

Post treatment advice

In order to get the most out of your treatment and to aid the healing process, it is advisable to:


•Drink plenty of water. This helps flush out the toxins that have been released from your cells into your system.


•Eat a light diet. This is to prevent energy needed for healing from going to your stomach to digest a heavy meal! Eat raw foods such as fruit and vegetables if possible for vitality and cleansing effects.


•Avoid tea and coffee. These are stimulants and should be avoided after a treatment. Drink herbal teas or fresh fruit/vegetable juice instead.


•Avoid alcohol and smoking.


•Rest and relax as much as possible. This allows the body to commence healing. 

What does it cost?

Full treatment - £40.00 (60 minutes)

Book and pay for in advance:

Package 1 - 3 Crystal Healing treatments £115 

Package 2 - 6 Crystal Healing Treatments £225 

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