Colour Your World

We live in a world full of colour!  There is nowhere without colour.  It's in our homes, our work places, our food, our clothes and even ourselves.  Colour is everywhere.


"Colour Your World" is a complete guide to using colour to enhance your life, keep you balanced and restore your energy and inner joy.


This eKit provides you with a 47 page (over 6200 words) eBook in glorious, vibrant colours and a 40 minute guided meditation.  



The benefits of meditation include:


  • Increased creativity

  • Inner peace and tranquillity

  • Intellectual sharpness

  • Heightened spirituality

  • Increased confidence and self esteem

  • Reduction in stress and anxiety

  • Lower blood pressure

  • Increased emotional balance

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What does it Include?

A 47 page eBook covering:


  • How we use colour every day without knowing it.

  • What's your identity colour?

  • Colours for the home.

  • What do the colours of your clothes say about you?

  • Colour and diet.

  • When to put a boost of colour in your life.

  • Colour affirmations. 

  • Essential oils resonate with colours too.

  • How can drinking water help colour your world?

  • Colour within us.

  • Colour and meditation.

  • Colour with confidence.













A 40 minute "Colour Your World" guided meditation mp3 download that you can listen to again and again, set to beautiful, relaxing music. 


"Colour Your World" meditation takes you on a journey of colour to the centre of your being.  It enables you to connect with the beautiful, vibrant colours of the rainbow, connect with pure white healing light and draw into you the colour you need right now to give you balance, clarity and stability. 



Colour Your World Meditation Preview (4m 38s)

Colour Your World eBook Preview

What does it Cost?


You can get this for a special price of only £7.97


So BUY NOW and take advantage of this colourful creation!

The Technical Stuff

The eBook is downloadable in PDF format. 


The meditation is a high quality audio file in mp3 format.


Once payment has been made you will be directed to download the eKit.

It will appear in a zip folder.  Once downloaded extract the files from the zip folder and you are ready to begin!  Enjoy!

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