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Within the UK a number of cancer care centres, palliative care centres and hospices provide access to a wide range of complementary therapies. St. Giles Hospice has agreed that we can provide Reiki to patients in their care.


We are delighted to be working as volunteers at St.Giles Hospice, Whittington, offering Reiki treatments to carers, patients and staff.  Our aim is to reach those people that really need our assitance at a difficult time in their lives and the caring souls that help them.  Reiki works on many levels and can assist with emotional and physical issues as well as creating a feeling of total relaxation and some often well needed quiet time.


St. Giles is an amazing facility with amazing staff and indeed patients too!  It's incredible to see and feel the calm atmosphere and positive vibes the centre radiates (you might expect it to be the opposite).


Deborah's father was a day patient in St. Giles for a while and really enjoyed his time there, meeting new people, striking up great friendships, being creative and welcoming 'newbies' to settle in.


We just want to give a little back.

St. Giles Hospice
St. Giles Hospice

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