Chakra Balancing

There are seven major chakras located from the crown of the head, along the spine to the base of the spine.  The energy that the chakras take in is distributed around the body and hence it is important to keep the chakras healthy and balanced because a healthy chakra leads to healthy mind and body.


An imbalance in any chakra will lead to a lack of energy in one or more areas of your life leaving you feeling out of balance.


Chakras can also become very damaged by our lifestyle and unable to repair themselves.  This can lead to physical problems arising in the body and also to emotional pain.


Chakra Balancing can not only repair this deep damage but also bring your body back into alignment allowing you to feel in balance again in all areas of your life.


If you feel you are out of balance then contact us to book a session and feel the benefit.  



This treatment can also be carried out by distant healing as well.  The recipient will need to be in a calm / relaxed state, resting or sleeping and available at a pre-arranged time.


What does it cost?

30 minute session - £22


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