Animal Healing


The treatment usually begins a short distance from the animal rather than with hands on healing.  This helps to build up trust and gives the animal the opportunity to feel the healing energy.  Once the trust is given, the Reiki healer will start to touch the animal’s body in much the same way as on human beings.  The animal decides how much Reiki they want.


Animals are more sensitive to energy than people and quickly understand its healing potential.  During a treatment the animal may move closer to the Reiki healer or may choose to lie away from them.  It is their choice and where they are they will still receive benefit from Reiki Healing.


We can do home visits for animal healing, but of course for larger animals like horses we can visit the stables or paddock if necessary.


Reiki can be applied by hands on treatments (home visits) or by distant healing.  Healing energy is not limited by distance, time or space and is just as effective as given in person


What does it cost?

Please contact us to discuss cost.  Every session will be tailored to the individual needs of the client.


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Reiki Healing