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' the painkillers and doing really well.'

 Hi, I just wanted to let you know how Ben is after your visit last week. He's back to his old self now, off the pain killers and doing really well, I can't thank you both enough for what you have done for him.


Thank you so much!

Doris Catterall, Cannock

'I was frankly amazed at the improvement in such a small space of time.'

  My dog has had back leg problems since being hit by a car several years ago.  He has a lot of metal in his legs and just recently he began to not want to put any weight on his right hind quarters.

Went to the vets and to be honest he came out of there worse than he went in.  He was very distressed and 'not himself;' his leg was obviously hurting mainly due to the examination by the vets.  

He was given various pills to take but he was still in distress.  Deborah & Steven Banks offered to do some healing and I felt there was no harm in this and potentially there would be some good.

I left Pepper with them and when I came to get him after about 30 minutes he was like a different dog; he was lively and alert and was not displaying any signs of distress or pain.  He was walking okay and he had rediscovered his bark!!

I was frankly amazed at the improvement in such a small space of time and I would say that the healing worked for my dog; maybe it would for your pet.  I would say "Give it a go," I'm glad I did. 


  - Alexus, Hammerwich

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