A Guide to Meditation

Deborah was inspired to write "A Guide to Meditation" after so many people wanted to attend the meditation course in person, but couldn't make all of the dates, or lived too far away.


"A Guide to Meditation" is a complete and comprehensive course (over 120 pages), giving you the tools you need to discover which type of meditation is most effective for you and setting you on the pathway towards continued well-being, life long balance and harmony.



The benefits of meditation include:


  • Increased creativity

  • Inner peace and tranquillity

  • Intellectual sharpness

  • Heightened spirituality

  • Increased confidence and self esteem

  • Reduction in stress and anxiety

  • Lower blood pressure

  • Increased emotional balance

Tranquilitie Staffordshire Complementary Therapy

What does it Include?

The course includes:


  • Introduction


  • 6 Lessons: 

  1. An Introduction to Meditation

  2. Meditating with Simple Mantra and Positive Affirmations

  3. Visualisation

  4. Meditation with Crystals and Colour

  5. Meditation with Aromatherapy Oils

  6. Walking Meditation


  • Finale


  • 20 meditation transcripts

  • 20 recorded meditations in high quality mp3 format (over 4 hours)




6 bonus documents (over 40 pages):


  1. Your Chakras - details the seven main chakras, our major energy centres that need to work together to keep us balanced and harmonised.

  2. Creating your Sacred Space - explains how to cleanse your home and create a wonderful, special sacred space for you.

  3. Essential Oil Guide - details 44 of the most common essential oils, their uses and safety precautions.

  4. 100 Positive Affirmations - 100 affirmations to help when you are feeling sad or lonely to when you recognise how gifted, talented and balanced you really are. 

  5. Colour Affirmations - specific affirmations for each of the colours of the rainbow for you to connect with.

  6. A finger meditation labyrinth - enables you to walk the labyrinth as a mental exercise to achieve inner clarity and focus.


  • Completion Certificate

A Guide To Meditation Preview

(This preview is a representation only and does not show the high quality you will receive.  It is an example of pages that have been created from screen shots to show content!)

What does it Cost?


You can get all of this for a very special price of only £29.97

So buy now and start enjoying the benefits straight away.













Tranquilitie Staffordshire Complementary Therapy

A Walk In Nature Preview from Lesson 1

Stroll Along Preview from Lesson 6

The Technical Stuff

This workshop is downloadable in PDF format. 

The meditations are high quality audio files in  mp3 format.


(Due to the high quality of the files downloading may take a few minutes.  Please be patient!)


Once payment has been made you will be directed to download the workshop. It will appear in a zip folder.  Once downloaded extract the files from the zip folder and you are ready to begin!  Enjoy!

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